Monday, June 23, 2014

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Theory and Design of Plate and Shell Structures

Theory and Design of Plate and Shell Structures
This is the first book to integrate the theory, design, and stability analysis of plates and shells in one comprehensive volume. With authoritative accounts of diverse aspects of plates and shells, this volume facilitates the study and design of structures that incorporate both plate and shell components. Drawing on his extensive experience in plate and shell theory and design, the author: –introduces the principles and applications of bending of plates; membrane theory and bending of shells; and stability of plates and shells; –explains the crucial elements of roof structure analysis and finite element formulations; –explores topics of current interest, such as plastic design of plates and approximate solution of membrane stress in shells of revolution and in buckling of shells; –describes how to select design approaches according to the functional and safety requirements of specific structures. Each chapter demonstrates the principles, practical applications, and design of a plate or shell component using real-life examples, providing the reader with an in-depth, unified understanding of the theory and function of the component. Chapters are written to be as independent of each other as possible to allow for selective reading on either plates or shells. In addition, the text is conveniently supplemented by appendices of Fourier Series and Bessel Functions. Integrating the fundamental and applied aspects of plate and shell theory, this volume serves as an essential text for graduate students and as an easy-to-use reference for engineers in mechanical, civil, and aeronautical engineering. Mann H. Jawad is Chief Engineer at the Nooter Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri


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