Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Historical development in rural pavement technology at Murbad Thane

The Thane unit of PMGSY made history by adopting /experimenting technology which is different than regular prescribed method of Road building
In the month of April 2011 thane unit of PMGSY was successful in laying 150 mm of PQC on 150mm of GSB The concrete used was totally different than conventional concrete.
1. The M-40 Grade concrete is made by using 290kg of cement. The reduction in cement quantity was possible by using additives like flyash,silica fume,GGBS etc. and by using water reducing admixture like BASF Glenium sky, Glenium 276 etc.
2. The SCC technology is used to achieve concrete to spread of its own weight.
3. First time the joint cutting is avoided by placing geopolymer strips of 50mm in 150mm concrete at regular interval.
Three fundamental changes in concrete technology made it possible to give concrete roads to villages in slightly higher cost.

The white topping has made distinct difference in the output.
1 Maintenance free roads for next fifteen years
2 Acceleration of rural economy.
3 Saving in raw material namely lime stone by less use of cement .
Few photographs of concrete road at kunde bangar wadi under the scheme of prime minister of gram Sadak yogna

Villagers are happy and expressing the earliar sorrow.

The anoter section of village roads


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