Monday, June 23, 2014

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Design of Plate and Shell Structures

Design of Plate and Shell Structures
This exciting text is written primarily for professional engineers interested in designing plate and shell structures. It covers basic aspects of theories and gives examples for the design of components due to internal and external loads as well as other loads such as wind and dead loads. Various derivations are kept relatively simple and the resultant equations are simplified to a level where the engineer may apply them directly to design problems. More elaborate derivations and more general equations may be found in the literature for those interested in a more in-depth knowledge of the theories of plates and shells.
  • Bending of simply supported rectangular plates
  • Bending of various rectangular plates
  • Bending of circular plates
  • Plates of various shapes and properties
  • Approximate analysis of plates
  • Buckling of plates
  • Vibration of plates
  • Membrane theory of shells of revolution
  • Various applications of the membrane theory
  • Bending of thin cylindrical shells due to axisymmetric loads, Various
  • Buckling of cylindrical shells
  • Buckling of shells of revolution
  • Vibration of shells
  • Basic finite element equations.
The examples given throughout Design of Plate and Shell Structures are intended to show the engineer the level of analysis needed to achieve a safe design based on a given required degree of accuracy. The book is also appropriate for advanced engineering courses.


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