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Submit Fresh Article

Submit Your Article for Publication at Civil Beats

We are happy to consider your articles for publication on the Trans4mind website. Normally an article will be chosen to accompany one of the Inspiring Quotes of the Week mailings, and archived on the site in the Civil Beats Library. You will reach thousands of readers who are interested in personal wellbeing and growth, and your article will also be included for posterity in the article archives online.
To be accepted, your article should (in our opinion) add value for readers who are looking for good information and insights in the field of personal growth, wellbeing and the spiritual pathArticles should of course be more than just an advert for a particular product; however, book or course excerpts are welcome, or the theory and principles that provide the basis for a product, and the end credits can include a product description with a direct link to the product web site.

Please email me with the following information:
  • Your name and contact email (if different from the default email settings)
  • The article text (give a title, author, plus the article itself - alternatively, attach a Word document to the email)
  • The credits that you would like to accompany the article (brief biographical information, your main products, web site, contact email if desired, newsletter details, copyright notice if required).

Thank you! I will email you if we are going to publish the article and give you an idea of when (we usually have a 4-8 week backlog of articles). Be sure to subscribe to the Inspiring Quotes of the Week mailing list.

If I feel the article is inappropriate or similar to one already published, I won't get back to you with reasons why and so on... please understand that I can't incorporate all the material that is submitted.

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