Thursday, June 19, 2014

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Seismic Design of Buildings and Bridges

Seismic Design of Buildings and Bridges
  • Written for engineers preparing for the National Structural Engineering Exam used in 26 states, the Structural Exam used in CA, NV, WA, HI, and ID, and the Special Civil Engineer Exam in CA
  • Complies with the 1997 Uniform Building Code and the latest AASHTO, AISC, and SEAOC standards
  • 100 example problems, of which 50 are examination problems
  • Detailed step-by-step solutions for every problem in the book
  • 18 calculator programs to solve the most frequent calculation procedures; written for HP-48G to present all intermediate stages as well as the solutions
  • 8-page summary of useful equations for use at test time
This book has been written to assist candidates preparing for the seismic principles examinations. It is a comprehensive guide and reference for self study based on the 1997 edition of the Uniform Building Code. An introductory chapter describes the California Special Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer Exams and the NCEES Structural Examinations. Subsequent chapters cover General Seismic Principles; Static and Dynamic Lateral Force Procedures for Buildings; Seismic Design of Steel, Concrete, Wood, and Masonry Structures; and Seismic Design of Bridges. 30% text, 70% problems and solutions.
Seismic Design of Buildings and Bridges


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