Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Staad Analysis


ProjectWise Integration
Features Affecting the Pre-Processor (Modeling Mode)
ASME NF Steel Design Codes
Floor Response Spectrum
Russian Wind Loading
Additional Standard Profile Databases
Features Affecting the Analysis and Design Engine
Time History Animation
Enhanced Plate Stress Results

ProjectWise Integration
ProjectWise is an engineering project team collaboration system which is used to help
teams improve quality, reduce rework, and meet project deadlines. One of the major
pieces of functionality provided by ProjectWise is an Integration Server which allows
data to be managed and shared across a distributed enterprise.
STAAD.Pro has been enhanced so that the model STD data file can be managed on a
ProjectWise server.

Four integration functionalities have been added. These are

• Open a STAAD model from a ProjectWise repository.
• Save a local STAAD model into a ProjectWise repository.
• Update an existing model from ProjectWise.
• Review model properties (meta-data) which has been opened from a
ProjectWise repository.

Note that access to all of these functionalities is available from ProjectWise sub-menu
under the general File menu described below.

ProjectWise repository
Installation and management of a ProjectWise server is beyond the scope of this
document and should be obtained from the ProjectWise installation.

ProjectWise client
A local ProjectWise client should be installed which allows access to ProjectWise

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