Monday, January 27, 2014

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Digital Canal Timber Design

Timber Design is the most powerful wood design software available. Powered by the STRAAD finite element engine, Timber Design can analyze any beam or column, regardless of support and loading conditions. Timber Design can even analyze and design beams on grade! Despite its sophistication, Timber Design is exceptionally easy to use (there are only 4 dialog boxes) with Wizards available to guide the designer through the input process.

Timber Design uses the NDS 2005 design code to design multi-span beams or columns for bi-axial bending, axial loads, axial-bending interaction, torsion, shear, support bearing and deflections. Members can have up to 15 spans and be constructed of more than one member. If you can imagine it, Timber Design can design it!

Automatic load calculations are provided for wind and snow loads (including design drift loading) of gabled roofs using ASCE 2005. Timber Design also determines moving concentrated floor, garage and roof live loads using IBC 2006. All live and snow loads are automatically patterned. Load combinations are generated automatically using ASCE 2005.

Combined with its virtually unlimited design capability, automatic load generation, exhaustive database of sawn and manufactured lumber, ease of use and great low price, there is simply no better choice for wood engineering software than Digital Canal’s Timber Design.
Digital Canal Timber Design


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