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Larsen & Toubro Limited Interview Process

Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) visits CUSAT Cochin | Total 16 Offers
Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi News Network
Feb 10, 2012
L&T Construction, India
L& T CONSTRUCTION is a service provider of infrastructure and construction. It is engaged in the construction business both within India, as well as outside India.Company recently visited Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi and recruited 16 students
Date of visiting campus: 13th Jan 2012
Offer by the company:
Top 20 from CE, Top 10 from ME and electrical and Top 5 from Instrumentation
B.Tech-3.16 LPA (Approx.)
Profile Offered
2 Years excluding training period
Placement Process Detail:
Short listing
Written test
Group Discussion
Tech + HR
16 students got the offer
Total 16 (CE-07, ME-4, INSTRUMENTATION-03,Electrical-2))
Other Description:
Written test:
It consists of 50 questions (aptitude only)
Duration: 1 Hour
1. There was a simple questions related 2 percentage. A man saved some amount and is expected to save some% of the remaining. How much should he save at an end of a given period.
2. A, B & C can complete a work in x, y & z days respectively. Find the amount of work done by A.
3. A camp has food for some men for some days. Food intake per person per day is given. After x days some food has been consumed, now how many days will the food last.
4. There are 2 parallel lines of length x & y @ opposite sides of the center of a circle. Distance between them is given. Find the radius of the circle.
5. How many no less than 600 can be formed with 1,2,3,4,5&9 if repetition is allowed.
6. In a city newspapers A,B&C is read by x, y & z % respectively. A&B is read by p%, B&C by q%, A&C by r% and s% dont read at all. Find the % of people who read all the 3.
7. In a colony x% men are above 18yrs, y% women are above 18yrs. There are z children. How many persons are there in the colony?
8. There were 3 questions on synonym. 2 words started with o. I saw them for the first time.
9. There were few questions (may be 5) on English grammar. Correct them by replacing with proper option given.
10. There were 2-3 easy questions on DI.
1 sale related.
p,q,r,s,t are friends. They travelled 2 various cities nt necessarily in d given order by bus, boat, train, plane n car.
Certain conditions were given. Find which person went 2 where and by which mode of transport.
11. There were few questions (may be 5) on logical reasoning.
12. If a=1, b=2, c=3 and so on. A word will be given (FA) we have to code it. Ans=61.
Interview was more on HR.
Questions like:
Tell me about yourself?
Why L& T?
What are your strength and weakness?
Technical questions were easy and based on Concrete grades
Result: Total 9 offer + 3 (waiting)
Company profile:
CONSTRUCTION- The Construction division of Larsen & Toubro Limited - is India's largest construction organisation. Many of the country's prized landmarks - its exquisite buildings, tallest structures, largest industrial projects, longest flyover, and highest viaducts - have been built by CONSTRUCTION. Leading-edge capabilities cover every discipline of construction: civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation.
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