Sunday, June 22, 2014

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L&T Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

Q.1) What are the tests conducted on cement,aggregate and concrete? 
Briefly explain that tests procedure and limits adopted for safety side.

Q.2) What do you calculate PCC/GRADE 10?

Q.3) What is the % wastage of cement in RCC?

Q.4) How many cubic feet in one unit of sand?

Q.5) What are the deshuttering time for Salb Beam Column RCC Wall Footing 

Q.6) What are the methods to do a estimate.?

Q.7) What is levelling staff least count?

Q.8) How many kilo of binding wire required for one ton of reinforcement steel 

Q.9) What is the creep in concrete

Q.10) How many modular bricks are required for 1 cubic meter of brick 

Q.11) What is the unit of heat of hydration?

Q.12) 1:6 mortar, how many self life hours ?

Q.13) What is the meaning of unit weight of cement? 1440 Kg/cu.m?

Q.14) Why we use sin wave only in ac not use any other form of wave?

Q.15) How to find the quantity of materials required for constructing a wall of 
length 10m X 5m X 2m?


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