Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Bentley Promis-e V8i (SELECTSeries 7)

Bentley Promis-e V8i (SELECTSeries 7) 08.11.12
Promis-e is intelligent software for control system design. With promis-e, you can generate control system schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans, and more in record time, because promis-e automates the design process.promis-e provides everything you need for control system design and documentation.
- Fast schematic design
- Large electrical symbol library included
- Real time cross-referencing
- Logical error-checking
- Parts database
- Bills of Material
- Wire list
- Graphical terminal plans
- Multiple languages for menus, dialogspromis-e provides a set of powerful drawing functions including symbol libraries, macros, cut & paste editing, and automatic line (wire) breaking. But in addition, promis•e automatically performs many non-value added tasks such as ID assignment, cross referencing, wire numbering and list generation. These tedious operations are performed not only much faster but with fewer errors. This intelligence is what sets promis•e apart from ordinary mechanical CAD solutions.
By organizing work into projects, promis-e seamlessly integrates the elements of the total control system design. By clicking on cross reference links, the Navigator function takes you from one occurrence of an ID (say a relay coil) to the next occurrence of that ID (such as an auxiliary contact) on another schematic page. You can also jump from a schematic symbol to that same item in a panel layout or wiring diagram drawing, or from a displayed part number to the full database screen for that part. The result? You work rapidly with maximum efficiency.


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