Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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RISA Floor v7.0.2

RISA Floor Floor Systems designs and Works Hand in Hand with RISA-3D and RISA Foundation to Provide A more Complete Structural Engineering Software for Building Design solution. RISA Floor Will manage loads, Design beams and columns, create quality CAD Drawings, and Constantly serve RISA 3D- Information That the IT needs for the Design of Systems lateral.

Working on one model, RISA Floor does All of the bookkeeping, letting you seamlessly Move Between RISA Floor and RISA-3D . RISA-3D integrates seamlessly withRISA Floor , Allowing you great freedom in defining and analyzing both simple and complex systems. At any time you May Move Between RISA Floor and RISA-3D to make and Changes See how They Carry through the project.

RISA Floor has full graphical Modeling Capabilities That let you Draw and edit your model on the screen. You May Also use powerful spreadsheets That RISA is known for. Spreadsheets make non-graphical editing easy, and verification a snap. Graphic display of the model, along with applied loads and rendering, is always available.Presentation quality results are Provided with Interactive Review results, quality rendered graphics and Custom Reports. 

RISA Floor v7.0.2



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