Friday, June 20, 2014

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Bentley Microstran

Bentley Microstran
Microstran offers design of members to several steel design codes including AS 3990, AS 4100, NZS 3404, AS/NZS 4600, BS 5950, AISC ASD Ed. 9, and SSCJ/AIJ. These modules provide unprecedented scope for design productivity. They offer:
  • A new standard in ease of use
  • Graphical application of restraints
  • Color-coded display of design results
  • Rigorous application of code provisions
Steel sections shown in the table below may be checked. In addition, a wide range of cold-formed sections may be checked to AS/NZS 4600.
  • Merge jobs
  • Load case template
  • Copy member load function
  • Non-vertical (global axis) area loading
  • One-way area loads
  • Multiple load case delete
  • Renumber load cases
  • Extend Member command
  • Graphics input shortcut keys
  • Sets preserved when renumbering nodes or members
  • Enhanced job notes
  • New button for View > Limit > Set command

  • Faster results plotting
  • New button to plot reactions
  • Enhanced zoom and pan in main view and OpenGL view
  • Print OpenGL view, save .JPG image
  • Plotting connection symbols in main view
  • Improved handling of thick line plotting
  • Enhanced member data tips
  • Graphics for existing moving loads option

  • Additional parameters for dynamic analysis

Steel Design
  • Plotting LTB restraints in OpenGL view
  • Member steel design report accessible from right-click
  • Box sections checked by Limsteel (AS 4100 and NZS 3404)
  • Monosymmetric I sections checked by Limsteel
  • Allows tee section design strength increase for stem in tension
Bentley Microstran

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