Friday, June 20, 2014

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Autodesk Revit Structure Tutorial

Autodesk Revit Structure Tutorial
Specific Applications for Revit Structure
  • Building Components – Autodesk Revit Structure allows users to perform structural design and analysis by modeling buildings using the basic components of walls and a foundation. CADLearning teaches users fundamentals of building components, as well as the more advanced techniques of modeling with columns, beams, braces and more.
  • Views – Revit Structure users can learn how to create plan views, framing elevation views, drafting views and other views of designs in order to completely model structures. CADLearning also shows users how to work with visual styles and understand visibility graphics and overrides when creating structural drawings.
  • Presentation – CADLearning can help users to improve the presentation of their structural designs and drawings by introducing print settings, legends, text annotation, design options and more. Users can also employ collaboration tools, 3D views, project browsers and other tools to present projects in a professional and efficient way.
Autodesk Revit Structure Tutorial offers training for beginner, intermediate and advanced users demonstrating both basic and more in-depth features of the software. Lessons include everything from getting started in the application to managing projects, collaboration and more.
Getting Started
01-Starting Revit Structure
02-Starting Revit for the First Time
03-Opening a Project File
04-Identifying the User Interface Components
05-Managing User Interface Components
06-Understanding the Ribbon
07-Customizing the User Interface
08-Understanding the Quick Access Toolbar
09-Understanding the Options Bar
10-Understanding the Application Menu
11-Understanding the InfoCenter Toolbar
12-Using the Revit App Store
13-Understanding the Project Browser
14-Understanding the Properties Palette
15-Understanding the Type Selector
16-Understanding the Status Bar
17-Understanding the Drawing Area
18-Understanding the View Controls
19-Understanding the Navigation Bar
20-Understanding the ViewCube
21-Understanding the Steering Wheels
22-Understanding the Options Dialog
23-Managing File and Template Locations
24-Managing the Places List
25-Starting a New Project from Recent Files
26-Starting a New Project from the Application Menu
27-Understanding the Units and Snaps
28-Using the Mouse
29-Using the Keyboard
30-Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
31-Managing Windows
32-Saving and Closing Files
33-Closing the Application
Autodesk Revit Structure Tutorial


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