Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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What Steps Need before pouring concrete?

There are lots of works involved before pouring concrete. Many workers work for many hours for making a platform for concreting. They spend many hours for making concrete formwork, many hours for placing reinforcement, finally they make a platform for pouring concrete. But a little mistake will throw all the efforts in vain. So, it is very important to have well preparation before concreting.

concrete preparation, pouring concrete6 steps preparation before pouring concrete

Step-1: Planning
Well planned task is half done before doing. So, planning is very important. When it comes to concreting, even better planning is required. The following plannings are required before you decide to pour concrete-

Source of concrete- machine mixing or readymix.

If you plan to "prepare concrete by mixture machine" then measure the required quantity of "concrete ingredients". Collect and stack them in a easy to access yard which should be near to mixing place as far as possible. 

If you plan to pour concrete by readymix then measure the required concrete volume and place an order to readymix supplier. Request them to supply in specified time and date. Don't forget to tell them required slump and desired concrete strength.

Step-2: Tools and machinaries
You will need-
* Concrete mixture machine (if you plan to mix by machine)

* vibrator (fuel powered or electric powered) - keep two numbers of vibrator nozzle. Because one can be damaged accidently.

* Generator - if there is a possibility of power failure.

* Water pump

* Plastic drum for water reserving.

* Bucket

* Levelling patta

* Hand shovel

* Trowel

* Polythene sheet (if there is possibility of rain).

Check all are in working order.

Step-3: Manpower
If you planned to mix concrete by mixture machine then you need more worker than doing concrete by readymix. For concreting with mixture machine you will need five more workers, one for mixture machine operating, four workers for carrying concrete ingredients. Other than these, you will need labors and masons for carrying mixed concrete, operating vibrator,  levelling and finishing concrete. So, arrange them before concreting.

Step-4: Safety
Ensure safety before concreting. If you are casting a building's slab then hang polythene sheet all around the slab. Because, if there is any building near to your concreting place than that building's wall paint can be spoiled. Arrange gumboots and hand-gloves for workers before starting concrete work.
Make your concreting place easy to access.

Step-5: Services
We often forget about these. Even, during writing this article, I also forgot. But don't forget to check these before concreting. Check all electrical conduits and sanitary and plumbing pipes have been put.

Step-6: Reinforcement and formwork
Check reinforcement once again that those are not displaced.

Finally check formwork. If there are any gap/holes, rectify them. Check supports are intact.

If everything are set you can pour concrete without any tension. The above steps are very important because without proper preparation, concreting work can be delayed. And any delay can hamper you concrete quality and thus the durabity of your the structure. Ultimately, lack of preparation can also increases construction cost.


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