Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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What Precautions to be consider while doing Mix Design

The success of UTWT in Thane city roads has gained demand from all quarters of India. The M-40 grade concrete was designed based on Japanese concept of SCC. The mix was used for laying 100mm thick UTWT in thane in the year 2008. The thickness is designed based on the specification of IRC –SP 76.

The engineer fraternity in order to achieve 40mpa in three days to open the vehicular traffic should be cautious. there is a tendency to design the mix with high cement content ,high silica fume. and higher dosage of pc based plasticizer. This design may fulfill the strength criteria but concrete may crack.
There are lots of 
data generated during my work on UTWT .The observations has led to the conclusion in the need for standard benchmark IRC 76. Thus the Indian road congress should revise and finalize the tentative draft of IRC 76.


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