Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Typical Reinforcement Placement of RCC Staircase

Placement of RCC staircase reinforcement

Stair, step is a civil structure used to easily going up and down. In civil engineering world it is called staircase. Placement of Staircase reinforcement is always confusing for construction workers. Considering that I'm showing here typical reinforcement placement of a staircase. 

Short description of above image 

1st landing (Landing 1): From where step will start. 

2nd Landing (Landing 2): where step will over or will start new steps. 

Waist slab: The inclined slab between 1st and 2nd landing. The thickness of this slab generally 6 inches. 

Main Reinforcement (M1): Main reinforcement number one. Which will start from the bottom of 1st landing and go through the inclined slab and will stay on top of 2nd landing. M1 bar Spacing depends on structural designing. For better understanding, assume that spacing is 8 inches.

Main Reinforcement (M2): This is also main reinforcement start from the top of 1st landing and go through the waist slab and will stay on the bottom of 2nd landing. Assume M2 spacing here is also 8 inches. Concrete clear cover for both M1 and M2 bar is normally maintained three-fourth inch. 

Extra Top Bar (E1): E1 is extra top at 1st landing. It is extended up to one-third length (L) of waist slab from the 1st landing edge. 

Extra Top (E2): E2 is also extra top bar same as E1. But it is placed at 2nd landing and extended up to one-third length of waist slab into the the waist slab. Clear cover for both E1 and E2 is normally kept three-fourth inch. 

Binder (B): Bottom binder is placed above main reinforcement (M1) but the top binders are placed below main reinforcement (M2). In waist slab those are placed above main reinforcement (M1 and M2). But they are placed below top extra bar in waist slab. 

Details (A): Since we placed M1 and M2 at 8 inches spacing and both comes at same level in waist slab then the spacing of main reinforcement here will be at 4 inches center to center.


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