Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Types of Solid RCC Slabs

RCC slab can be various types depending on various criteria. Such as ribbed slab, flat slab, solid slab, continuous slab, simply supported slab etc. That is another topic. Today we are going to discuss the types of solid RCC slabs. 

Types of Solid RCC Slab

RCC solid slabs are three types depending on design criteria. 

  • One-way slab
  • Two-way slab
  • Cantilever slab

One-way slab – When can we called a solid slab one-way slab? If a solid RCC slab meets the following criteria then we can call that one-way slab - 
The slab rests on two beams only, 
The slab can be rested on four beams but the long-span of slab should be greater than two times of short-span. See the image below “One Way Slab”. 

In one way slab, the main reinforcement should be along slab’s short direction. 

One way solid RCC slab

Two-way slab – When a Solid RCC slab rests on four beams but long-span of slab is less than or equal to two times of short-span then we can call that slab a “two-way slab”. See Image below “Two-Way Slab”. In two-way slab, main reinforcement runs both in short and long direction and stay perpendicularly with one another. 

Two way solid RCC slab

Cantilever slab – Cantilever Slab has only one support at one end and other three ends are open. See the image below “Cantilever slab”. The main reinforcement of cantilever slab should be extended one and half times beyond its support. 

Cantilever solid RCC slab

Later here in “ACE” I’ll share more details about each type of slab and placement of their reinforcement.


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