Friday, January 24, 2014

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Scope Of Civil Engineeering : 2014 Review

Today we will talk about the scope of civil engineering as it is an important question in current scenario. It is true that no one likes to spend 4 years for engineering and afterwards remain unemployed. Before we talk about the future scope of Civil engineering I would like to share interesting data about college pass outs;


  • 11% Civil Engineer Opt higher education after completion of BE/BTech like MBA, ME, Mtech and MS.
  • 7% Students get selected every year in campus placements.
  • 3% Student prefer study for IES and Govt Job
  • 1% Student selected for Govt Job
  • 1% Student starts own business/Family business

So remaining 76 percent student will have to go out and search job or remain unemployed. It is a huge figure and not pleasing as far as concern of the scope of civil engineering, isn't it ? 

Don’t panic ! Let me explain step-by-step.
Civil engineering is one of the oldest branch which has many different areas to work from home building construction to highway; therefore huge scope for civil engineering graduates to work in many different sectors such as design, planning, construction and execution. It also includes many works such as road, building, bridge, runways, dam, power generation,  waste water treatment, sewer line, water supply, offices, industries and many more. 

If we talk about the future scope of civil engineering in India then we can see construction, power and energy sector have been growing with rapid pace and there will be huge demand of Civil engineers. So you can relax and if you come under category of 76 percent then you can feel a sigh of relief. It is because civil engineering is the only field  which has less unemployment than other Engineering branches. Moreover I will explain below which field in Civil engineering you choose to get maximum benefits and salary packages.


One of the premier job category in Civil engineering if you start your career as a designer. You must have good academics records and hands on experience in designing to grab a job in any top construction or designing firm. However initial salary may not be good enough but after a year or two you may earn around 5 lakhs per annum. 
In Proficiency of the following civil Engineering software will be helpful to get a job as a Designer.

  • Staad Pro
  • AutoCAD
  • TopoCAD
  • SurvCAD
  • 3D structural Modeling Software
  • AutoTurn
Get complete list of must-learn Civil Engineering software here


If you consider yourself better planner then choose career in Planning or project management which you might have learnt during your study. Although only big companies and construction department can afford a Planning engineer.  It is rather a good job choice as you can manage to work from office iteself and additionally can get moderate salary up to 4 to 5 lakhs initially in any big construction company like Tata, Sharooji Pallonji, L&T etc.
To acquire planning knowledge and project management I will recommend you to get expertise in following software before attending any interview.

  • Primavera
  • MS Project


Getting a job as construction engineer/Project manger is an easy as compared to designer. There are large numbers of opportunities available in many construction area like industrial, residential, road construction etc. A construction engineer is responsible for execution of project and there are many different level to achieve and you may reach up to Project manger level at site level.  
Moreover you don’t require any special training or program to work as construction engineer but it is considered a tough job in its category.

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Don't be disheartened if you do not get a job initially. Just wait for right opportunity as future scope of civil engineering in India is bright.  Always prefer the job category which suits you most otherwise you will not be able to perform well. 

If you have any question regarding scope of Civil engineering or career in Civil Engineering then please ask below in comment section.


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