Monday, January 20, 2014

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A Checklist for Brick Flat Soling

Brick Flat Soling (BFS) is mostly used in building construction and road construction. In building construction, the common use of brick flat soling is in ground and basement as concrete bed. The purpose of using it as concrete bed is to make concrete bed smooth and stable.

The process of making brick flat soling is simple and almost all workers know it well and do it good. That's why it is neglected by most of the site engineers. There is a trend among site engineers to approve BFS work without checking. I know it well because I'm directly related to construction.

Once I asked a site engineer of one of my project that in which direction a frog mark should be placed in BFS. He couldn't answer it. He isn't bad engineer. Even he knows that answer. But instantly he couldn't answer because for long time he has been neglecting this item to check.

But checking should be done properly even if it is a simple work item. Otherwise, workers also will try to neglect that item and you'll be responsible for making low quality structure.

A Checklist for Brick Flat Soling

Following checking should be done for Brick Flat Soling -

Material quality: You already know that the required building materials for BFS are 1st class brick and fine aggregate (sand). Check the quality of those building materials. See:

"Quality Assessment of Some Basic Building Materials"

"6 Requirements of Good Quality Bricks"

Compaction of sub-soil: Bricks are placed on soil or sand bed. Before placing bricks, check that bed is compacted by hand rammer and by sprinkling water.

Levelling of bed: Check the compacted surface of bed is levelled properly. Also check the bed surface is at desired level.

Frog mark (if any): Check the frog mark of bricks are kept upward direction so that it can make bond with future concrete.

Brick joints: Check the bricks are jointed as English bond pattern. See - "Traditional Brick Bond Patterns"

Joint filling: Check the joints are filled with sand. Make sure water isn't being used for flushing sand from brick surface.

Surface level: Check the finish surface level of BFS to make sure it has been made at desired level. Actually we have checked this level during the preparation of bed which I included in the "levelling of bed" point above. This is done for cross checking purpose only.

Checking of Brick Flat Soling is simple and I tried to include all the checking-points in this article.


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