Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Transoft Solutions AutoTurn v9.0.0.198

Transoft Solutions AutoTurn
Transoft Solutions AutoTURN - leading CAD solution that enables architects and designers road highways , bus stops or loading areas to simulate the trajectory of maneuvering vehicles.Creating a drawing , architects can model the movement of the vehicle at the specified section of road or the site in order to identify potentially dangerous places and then correct deficiencies project.Transoft Solutions AutoTURN demonstrates a number of enhancements that simplify the work of specialists . Available design engineers will be new and updated library of vehicles, and , in addition , the new version of the product will simplify the simulation of behavior of vehicles with controlled front and rear wheels .

Unrar and install the app.
While installing choose options ‘Stanalone – Full version’.
Enter value 123456 as ‘License number’.
Execute following steps for ‘CD Key’
- run cmd.exe
- go to the folder …\keygen\
- enter command kg.exe 00 9 0 c
- popup window will appear, copy it’s value to the ‘CD key’ filed.
Don’t close prompt window and continue installation process.
Run AutoTURN, registration form will appear.
Copy ‘Installation code’ field.
Run in the prompt window: keygen 00 9 0 xxxxxxxx a where xxxxxxxx is the ‘Installation code’.
Another popup window will appear.
Copy it’s value as the ‘Authorization key’ to the registration form.


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