Sunday, June 22, 2014

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GeoStru EasyHVSR v2014.16.2.155

Easy HVSR Allows the analysis of the spectral Ratio of microtremors Recorded with A single-station. The simplicity of use and Speed ​​of Execution of the Calculations allow the User to Get Immediate results in the Estimation of: Frequency resonance, Stratigraphic and equivalent Profile Shear wave Velocity VS30 , All ACCORDING to the Guidelines Suggested by the SESAMEproject. The Software imports SEG2 , SAF and ASCII Files. 
  • Unrar and install the application.
  • Copy patched*.* to the
  • DON’T start the app usig shortcut, simply
  • Click on the copied EasyHVSR.exe
  • Now you have permanent trial period
GeoStru EasyHVSR v2014.16.2.155


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