Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Steel Detailer's Manual 2nd Edition by Alan Hayward, Frank Weare

Book: Steel Detailer's Manual 2nd Edition by Alan Hayward, Frank Weare

In order to remain competitive, steelwork contractors have turned to new technologies in order to minimize their costs and meet the tighter deadlines which are being imposed by clients. To a very large extent the technological developments associated with computer aided detailing have played a major part in bringing profound improvements across  the industry. The art of steelwork detailing continues to play a pivotal role in the successful creation of any steel structure. New methods and procedures have given rise to a  process which is now highly integrated and dependent upon both upstream and downstream activities.

Codes of practice and engineering standards are constantly changing in the construction industry. Many British standards are now being superseded by European EN standards, but many are still in the transition stage. The manual attempts to clarify the present situation. It is however recognized that this is a constantly changing target, and the reader is advised to consult British Standards or any other recognized professional  steelwork organization to deter- mine the latest information. lt is to be hoped that future editions of the manual will contain lists of more firmly established relevant European standards.


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