Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Ecological Construction System

Ecological ConstructionThe number of “green building”, as the ecologically designed building are called in the USA, is increasing significantly worldwide. These buildings conform to very high ecological standards, save energy and preserve the environment. Environmentally-friendly, sustainable building starts with the planning. It means a resource-preserving, healthy and energy-saving way of building. Professional building implementation as well as carefully of building products and building systems is gaining in important.
In order to achieve higher , more constant thermal insulation capacity of facade panels of buildings, the Thermomass building system was developed in the USA. Thermomass is a powerful, long-life construction system for thermally insulated concrete sandwich elements. The system is distinguished by two main components: connectors made from a glass-fiber reinforced synthetic resin, which connect the inner ad outer concrete layers, and between them a layer of thermal insulation made of XPS or EPS hard foam panels. Together with the outstanding performance of the thermally insulating panels, the Thermomass connectors are extremely efficient in preventing thermal bridges in the sandwich elements.
A new further development of the Thermomass connector also enables the manufacture of precast walls with integrated thermal insulation and the subsequent addition of in-situ concrete. This new system is called Megablock. The special feature of this system is that the integrated insulation is only punctured by the glass fibre reinforced synthetic resin connectors. These connect the inner and outer wall shell to each other and, in a built condition, absorb the fresh concrete pressure of the additional in-situ concrete. For  the dissipation of building loads,  the added in-situ concrete interacts with the inner load bearing shell. In this system too, the Thermomass connectors prevent thermal bridges efficiently and permanently.
Together with other already well-known products ad materials, the Thermomass system supports sustainable green building. The high cold and warm insulation values of the sandwich elements with the Thermomass connecting system provide for significant energy savings and preserve natural resources. Due to the high degree of industrial prefabrication, the building  are quickly usable. The simple mounting of the sandwich elements on the building site provides for comparatively little environmental pollution. Green building is a trendsetting way  to build in Germany and throughout the world.


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