Tuesday, April 1, 2014

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Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures by Mohamed A. El-Reedy

The development of any country depends on the rate of industrial growth. Currently, there is a race in industrial projects worldwide. The development of the industry depends on the development of the energy reserve by investment in projects of oil and gas exploration, onshore and offshore, which require new facilities or rehabilitation of existing facilities. At the same time, there are projects that are running in parallel to deliver electricity from electrical power stations or through nuclear power plants.
In this book, the term industrial structures means all the reinforced concrete and steel structures from a small factory to a nuclear plant. This book will be an overview of industrial project managementdesignconstruction, and eventually providing a maintenance plan. Industrial projects, in most cases, are huge and can cost a billion dollars for one project, so the client, engineering firm, and contractor are in the same boat until they achieve project success through a strong management systemand technical competence. Therefore, this book discusses all items that interface among these main three partners.
In these types of projects, all the engineering disciplines are working together, but, unfortunately, the structural or civil engineers are usually the last ones to obtain the exact data from the other disciplines and the first ones to start on site. Therefore it is a challenge for the structural engineers to work fast and efficiently in this type of project.


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