Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Step by step process of Mosaic Flooring

Tools used to mosaic Flooring

  • Stone roller – 30cm dia and 45 to 60cm long
  • Pumice – 20cm x 25cm x 7cm fitted with wooden handle.
  • Trowel 

Process of Mosaic Flooring

  • Lime surkhi mortar is spread over the concrete base and levelled. Thickness of the mortar will be 5 to 8 cm.
  • Before drying the lime-surkhi mortar a layer of cementing material of about 3mm thick will be placed over it. This layer is consisting 2:1:1 ratio of lime, marble and pozzolana material.
  • After some time, about 4 hours later, marble pieces or tiles laying is started.
  • A stone roller is passed over the surface gently and water being sprinkled over now and then to work up the cement between the marble pieces.
  • The surface is then allowed to set for 24 hours and is rubbed with a pumice stone to polish the surface and to make it smooth and level.


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