Monday, January 27, 2014


Scia Engineer 2013.1

Scia Engineer 2013.1 focuses on two major themes
  • enhancements and extensions in code-design capabilities,
  • continuous increase of effectiveness of your day-to-day work
In addition, Scia Engineer 2013.1 comes with a brand new application for checking of reinforced concrete cross-sections - Scia Concrete Section!

 The new version reflects the growing interest in our software on American continents. Scia Engineer newly supports design of longitudinal reinforcement in slabs according to Brazilian ABNT NBR 6118-2003. The new version also extends the existing design capabilities for the U.S. AISC 360-10 code.

A good number of enhancements were implemented in the recently presented Engineering Report. Also the seismic design of buildings that was presented in the previous version was further extended.

Besides this, many new features can be found throughout the whole system: from input of cross-sections, to steel connections, exchange of data with other applications, wind load generator, to many improvements and extensions in often-used functions.
Scia Engineer 2013.1