Monday, January 27, 2014

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SAP2000 V16.1.0

SAP2000 V16.1.0 Enhancements
  • Steel frame design has been added according to the Norsok N-004 2013 code.
  • Steel frame design according to the API RP 2A-WSD 21st edition code has been updated for supplements 1, 2 and 3.
  • Auto lateral wind load has been added according to the API 4F 2013 code.
  • The Chinese section-property database files have been enhanced by adding new sections.
  • A bilinear Maxwell damper has been implemented as a new link property. This device is a linear spring in series with a dashpot whose force-velocity relationship exhibits bilinear viscous behavior, typical of certain oil dampers having a relief valve.
  • A friction-spring hysteretic damper has been implemented as a new link property. The force-displacement relationship exhibits linear slipping stiffness when loading, but unloads with a smaller slipping stiffness. A pre-compression displacement and a displacement stop-limit may be specified.
  • The specification of the notional size used for time-dependent creep and shrinkage analysis has been enhanced to now be specified with the frame and shell section properties instead of with the material property.
  • A new staged-construction operation “Change Section & Age” is now available allowing specification of the “Age at Add” when changing frame sections or shell sections.
  • Table output can now request the correspondence between the response components at a single location for additive-, range-, and enveloping-type load combinations. Results that admit correspondence includes most displacement, force, and stress response quantities.
  • The import of primary data from SACS data files is now available.
CSI SAP2000 V16.1

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