Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Partnership | Advantage and Disadvantage in Civil engineering

Partnership is a clear arrangement between two parties who have the same idea of business. In here, the partners have separate legal entities among themselves. Each side has its own role in the business.  They have to be responsible and flexible to attain their goals and have success. Or else, they will face the consequence of loss.
There are both advantages and disadvantages of partnerships. The major pros and cons of partnerships are listed below.

Advantages of Partnership

In every business, there is an advantage of having a partnership. In short, partnership is a great way to share the idea and experiences. There's an alternate solution in case one decision doesn't work out. Below are listed advantages of partnership in a business.
  • It is very easy to launch a partnership. It will be more effective and sustainable.  Its promotion and improvement will be more productive as time goes by. Every decision will be filtered and may burst with good outcome.
  • The funds have lots of sources. One side will contribute to its peak for the benefit of the whole. The partners will provide all the things needed most importantly the money. No need to think a lot because in here, you have to share what you have in order to be successful.
  • Contacts, skills and knowledge are abundant in partnership. The combination of ideas and techniques are more. The creativity and resourcefulness are present every time.
  • Specialization in each aspect of the business is neutralized. They have to sustain the money making.
  • Mentally, physically, and emotionally, the partners will support each other. These factors will reflect the good flow of the business if they ignore it. Openness to one another is the best.
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Disadvantages of Partnership

Not most of the time, being partners is not in good terms. There's a time that having one another doesn't establish a good outcome in business. There's a disadvantage of being associated. Below are listed disadvantages of partnerships in a business.
  • The actions of one another legally or jointly are liable in business partners. Every decision they make would affect the situation they are facing. They need to cooperate.
  • They have to value the skills and time of one another. Business associates have to share the profit and everything equally.
  • This is a long term relationship. Every decision they undertake should be acknowledged by one another. Or else both of them will suffer. Expectation in every situation should minimize or it will end to split up.
  • It also got limitation. At times, unexpected like death of a partner or withdrawal. We cannot foretell death so they need to be open with that.
  • Decisions are always needed to be consulted with one another. One side cannot allow it to decide all alone. He or she have agreed to follow, so anything goes should be shared with the partner.
  • Unlimited liability is the major disadvantage here. If the business doesn't work out even the other partner strive so hard. Both of you will fall down. All the time and effort you exerted will come to nothing. If the business has debt contract, both of you will suffer. You don't have any excuse for this. Partner is partner. The risks are also shared.


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