Thursday, January 23, 2014

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How many Number of Connectors Required for Building Construction?

Total number of connectors required to resist Vh is given by Vh/q
where q is the allowable shear for one connector, kip (kN) and its value is given in structural design guides.
Some keypoints should be considered 
1. Required number of shear connectors should be placed uniformly in the section having zero to maximum moment.
2. Shear Connectors should have a minimum of 25.4mm (1inch) of concrete cover in all the directions.
3) Stud diameter should not exceed 2.5 times the beam-flange thickness. ( May increase only if studs are located directly over the web)
In case of heavy concentrated loads, uniform spacing may not sufficient, so number of shear connectors are calculated as
N2={N1[MB/Mmax-1]}/ (B-1)
M= Moment at concentrated load, ft-kip(kN-m)
Mmax= Maximum moment in span ft-kip(kN-m)
N1= Number of shear connectors required between Mmaxand zero moment
B= Str/Ss or Seff/Ss depending on condition.
Seff= Effective section modulus for partial composite action in inch3(mm3)


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