Monday, January 27, 2014

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Bentley WaterCAD V8i

WaterCAD is a water quality modeling solution for water distribution systems. It features advanced interoperability, model building, optimization, and asset management tools. Engineers can use its built-in water-quality features to perform constituent, water-age, tank-mixing and source-trace analysis to develop comprehensive chlorination schedules, simulate mock contamination events, model flow-paced and mass-booster stations, and visualize zones of influence for every water source.

New features of WaterCAD V8i include the following:
  • Easier model maintenance with GIS-ID property: The new GIS-ID property can be used for maintaining associations between records in your source file and elements in your model.
  • ModelBuilder improvements such as the ability to import a subset of data using where queries. This allows users to filter the data to import only the information they need, without having to change the data from its original format.
  • Ability to create Google Earth (KML) files for results display
Bentley WaterCAD V8i (SELECTseries 4)



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