Sunday, June 22, 2014

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This is a free program for solving linear 2D framed structures under static loading and calculating the mode shapes. It is coupled with an easy-to-use GUI that provides the possibility to design the structure very fast.It calculates reaction forces, diagrams of axial and shear forces, as well as, diagrams of bending moments. Moreover, it calculates the mode shapes of the structure using various methods and it will be cabable of performing dynamic analysis soon.The program is written in FORTRAN90 and the GUI in Python.
At the moment it is available only in 64bit version for windows.


  • Linear Static analysis
  • Direct Stiffness Method
  • Calculation of mode shapes using: Jacobi method or Subspace iteration method
  • Loads: on nodes,on elements, distributed, temperature loads, support dispacement
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Upcoming: elastic support, internal releases
  • Upcoming: Dynamic Analysis (modal superposition, time-history analysis)


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