Thursday, May 1, 2014

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Method Statement for Installation of Steel Structure

About Project (King Abdulaziz International Airport Development Project)
PTB contains four main structural parts: Piers, Terminal Processor, International Hub, and Boarding Bridge. The installation method for space frame roof in the terminal processor and international hub is not stated in this document.

The total PTB covering area is about 220,000m2, with a length 1500m and width 1000m. Piers contain columns and space truss roof. This statement applies to both of them. Terminal processor contains support columns, space frame and shed framing, and this statement only applies to the support columns and shed framing.

International hub contains support columns, gills truss, perimeter beams and space frame roof. This statement only applies for the support columns, gills truss and perimeter beams.  
Method Statement for Installation of Steel Structure


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