Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Oasys Pile v19.4

Harness the latest techniques to calculate pile load capacity
Pile the Oasys pile design software program uses new and traditional techniques to calculate the vertical load carrying capacities of piles in a layered soil deposit. It works with drained (frictional) and undrained (cohesive) soils and shows the results in a clear graphical format that can be exported easily.
Choose the method for load capacity calculations
The program offers two ways of calculating the capacity of the pile: the working load approach and the limit-state approach. Users can opt to calculate the pile capacity for a range of pile depths as well as for different cross-section shapes, such as circular, square and H-section. They can also specify under-reams or enlarged bases easily.

Results are clear to see. Pile’s graphical output depicts the variation with depth of different pile capacities, such as shaft resistance, end bearing and total bearing capacity. To share calculations, users can simply export this in WMF format or export the tabular output in a variety of text formats.

Pile has been proven on projects around the world and is a useful addition to the desktop of any engineer working on pile design.

Oasys Pile v19.4 Build 6




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