Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Microstran Coldes v4.09.130415

As a DOS program, Coldes has been used in demanding applications by reinforced concrete designers for many years. It is now available as a state-of-the-art Windows program with all the capability of previous versions and many more advanced features. Licensed users of previous versions may purchase Coldes V4 at special upgrade prices.
General Shape Columns
Coldes analyses biaxial bending and compression of rectangular, circular, and general shape column sections. Analysis is performed rigorously, without resort to code approximations for the effects of biaxial bending. Several stress-strain relationships are available, including the rectangular stress block, and the CEB 73 and CEB 90 curves.
Interaction Diagrams

Three types of interaction diagram are available
  • Single load angle, where there is a constant ratio of My/Mx and variable reinforcement percentage.
  • Multiple load angle, with a constant reinforcement percentage and variable load angle.
  • N-Mx with My contours, where a family of curves shows the N-Mx capacity of the column section with varying values of My moment.
1- UnRar
2- Install (double click in coldesv4_demo.exe);
3- Install the update (double click in @coldes4.exe);
4- Replace original Col4.exe file with the patched one.

Microstran Coldes v4.09.130415 


Installation Guide 
 - Install the app and the update. The pass for update is: 3498
- Replace original Col4.exe with the patched one. 


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