Monday, January 27, 2014

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Digital Canal Steel Design v4.1

Digital Canal’s Steel Design Software easily designs or checks steel beams, columns and single span beam-columns using ASD (9th and 13th Editions) and LRFD (1st, 2nd and 13th Editions). The program features a simple, intuitive graphic interface and detailed reporting capabilities.

Digital Canal’s Steel Design Software brings a higher level of quality to engineering software by allowing the engineer to view complete, detailed computation procedures for the code checking and design of steel members. Optional “Procedure Reports” list every computation performed in the design process including the formula used, the computed value and the location in the AISC manual where the provision can be found. Report options also include summary reports that can limit the output to single page. All reports are created in a modern Rich Text Format document that automatically displays Microsoft Word or similar word processor.

Digital Canal’s Steel Design Software includes two modules, Steel Beam Design and Steel Beam/Column Design. The Steel Beam module is used to design or check continuous beams (1 to 18 spans) for bending, shear and deflections about the beam’s strong axis. The Beam/Column module checks or designs members subject to axial loads, end moments and transverse loads about both axes.

This is an essential tool for any engineer who checks or designs individual steel members such as single or multi-span beams, column, braces, truss chords, etc. Inputs can be entered in less than 5 minutes and without defining unnecessarily complex “models.” With the ability to analyze and design members subject to complex loading using a very limited amount of input and the extraordinarily detailed output, the Steel Design Series will increase the quantity and quality of your work compared to using AISC tables (or other “by hand” methods) or competing programs.
Digital Canal Steel Design v4.1


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