Monday, January 27, 2014

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CSiBridge 2014 V16.1.0

CSiBridge 2014 V16.1.0 Enhancements

Superstructure design checking has been implemented for steel superstructure sections according to the Indian Roads Congress code IRC:22-2008. Superstructure types supported include steel I-girders and hybrid I-girders with composite concrete deck.
Superstructure design checking has been extended to include composite bridge superstructures with steel U-girders according to the "Eurocode EN 1994-2" code (EN 1994-2:2005, Eurocode 4: Design of composite steel and concrete structures - Part 2: General rules and rules for bridges).
Superstructure design checking has been updated according to the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 6th Edition, 2013 Interim Revisions. In addition, AASHTO bridge rating accounts for the 2013 interim revisions, and AASHTO seismic bridge design accounts for the 2012 and 2014 interim revisions.
Concrete frame design is now available according to Eurocode 2-2004, including Eurocode 8-2004 seismic requirements.
Steel frame design is now available according to Eurocode 3-2005, including Eurocode 8-2004 seismic requirements.
An enhancement has been implemented for defining tendons in the Bridge Modeler where the options to move and copy tendons now take into account any existing parametric variations that affect the location and inclination of the girders.
The specification of the notional size used for time-dependent creep and shrinkage analysis has been enhanced to now be specified with the frame and shell section properties instead of with the material property.
A new staged-construction operation “Change Section & Age” is now available allowing specification of the “Age at Add” when changing frame sections or shell sections.
The bridge modeler now allows individual bridge objects to be locked to prevent updating their linked models.
Table output can now request the correspondence between the response components at a single location for additive-, range-, and enveloping-type load combinations. Results that admit correspondence includes most displacement, force, and stress response quantities.

CSiBridge 2014 V16.1.0


- Run C:/Program Files/Computers and Structures/CSiBridge\CSiLicensing\LicenseRequest.exe
- Write down Machine Locking Code.
- Run applied keygen and enter written above Machine Locking Code.
- Do not enter 5 first symbols, e.g. if code is 3010-*165MHHVXF2BAAAA,
- Enter in keygen only *165MHHVXF2BAAAA.
- Copy generated license file to the C:/Program Files/Computers and Structures/CSiBridge


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