Friday, January 24, 2014

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Civil engineering Career Information : 2014 Review

Like every two coin has its two sides, so is the case with civil engineering. There are pros and cons of being a civil engineer. On this article we will list out the advantages and disadvantages of civil engineering.

Advantages of Civil Engineering:

  • The most important of all is that there will always be demand of a civil engineer. Since, the development and construction work is never going to stop, so is the demand of a civil engineer.
  • The average salary of a civil engineer is quite higher than any other engineering professionals.
  • It is a well respected profession. You are considered important part of community.
  • There are both in-door and out-door work opportunities.
  • There are lot of career path options to choose from. Like you can specialize on roads, bridges, dams, tunnel, water canals, drainage or building constructions.
  • The growth opportunity in the career is also very high.
  • You will get opportunity to work on different sites and travel new places.

Disadvantages of Civil Engineering:

  • At initial part of your career, you will have to work very hard on both field and off-field.
  • You may have to work on remote areas.
  • There are lot of cost & risk involved with the job. Hence, there is lot of pressure as liability can be high on errors.
  • It will not be a tie & suit job, working day in and out  in a well furnished office. Most of the time you will be seen in field wearing helmet unless and until you are a designer.


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